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Robot Command

If you have enjoyed robot command, please purchase a registration! Registrations are valid for new versions of robot command for 12 months from purchase.

Some feature(s) of robot command (saving blocks, "UNREG.", message, etc.) are not available until unlocked with a registration code.

Here's how to order.

Suggested retail price: US$35.00

... introductory web offer *
now, only: US$10.00

robot_command ... US$10.00


After we get confirmation (and you send us the registration information (right click menu: File|Registration Form ... copy the contents of that screen (one line) and mail that back to register at we'll send back a registration key to unlock robot command!) Registration entitles you to unlock two machines, for a year.

* If you're an educator, and/or would like to tell us what you think of robot command (we'd love your feedback!), and/or just feel strongly about the matter, we'll give you a registration at no charge. (July 2011) Let us know at the e-mail address below.

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