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  • version 0.0.2rc43 - (Dec 20, 2011) CHANGES

    • Windows (XP and above. Uses opengl.) setup-mmdp-0.0.2rc43.exe ~22M
      md5sum: 0b3263173694e4e0fe7cb65aee91025f - installed: `~ 63 M
    • for linux :
      • puppy linux dot pet (tested on Puppy linux versions 4 and 5) - new ~35M
        md5sum: 9037d056e23c51bfc4be69d0d00bf001 - installed: `~ 72 M
        (To install, click on the .pet file from the rox file manager and follow instructions.
        Requires opengl which means you'll want to use Xorg high dri drivers.)
      • gzipped tar archive for kernel, i486 - new
        robot_command-0.0.2rc43.tgz ~35M
        md5sum: 179da30509bd0c52cd9d21d35515d069 - installed: `~ 72 M
        To install into /usr/local
        cd /usr/local
        tar -zxvf robot_command-___.tgz   
        This will install it into the /usr/local/robot_command/ directory.
        requires opengl libraries

  • A small registration is required to unlock some save-related program features, (but, free for educators. Just ask.).

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