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Robot Command! Mathomatic for android!

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You control robot command. This robot obeys your commands. Robot command can walk and talk and stack blocks. In this robot's world, there's work to be done - blocks to be stacked. Even the youngest children can make robot command move and make noise - picking up and moving blocks with the control panel (or optional joystick). Robot command (lua scripting) lets you make robot programs to build things! Under program control, robot command builds three-dimensional structures out of blocks!

What is Robot Command?

This is an interactive computer toy, a 3D robot simulation which can move and stack toy building blocks. The robot emulates a toy vintage "Mr Mercury" robot's articulation, allowing remote control, like the original. The point of view may be third person (robot seen from a distance), or first person (view from the robot), or multiple views at once.

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Toy building blocks appear in the robot's environment, and may be grasped, carried, and placed. If dropped or placed incorrectly, blocks fall and tumble using physical rules (like gravity) in the simulation (ODE). Blocks may be stacked by the robot to create elaborate 3D structures, such as walls, towers, and castles. Or, if you want, the robot can knock blocks and scatter them!

A Programmable "Mr. Mercury" robot

The robot also can emulate a "Turtle" and create line drawings (which may be exported in .SVG format). Block constructions can be saved and loaded, too. (Block creations may be saved with a simple, open, text-based ".blocks" format.)

The robot's "Turtle graphics" and building block features are accessed by an integrated interpreter (lua), complete with an integrated gui console/control. A bundled lua editor completes this Junior robot development system.

Simulated robot sounds happen for various robot motors, and sounds happen when blocks are dropped. Skyboxes provide scenic, 360-degree backdrops. A built-in screen capture feature lets you share your creations as JPEG images.

robot command combines classic favorite toys like a busy box, toy blocks, wind-up robots, etch/sketch toys, spiral-graphic toys, and more. All in a safe, simulated, creative robot-and-blocks world, which will stimulate your child's imagination.

Expose your child to mathematics and programming one fun step at a time! Math concepts continually reinforced: positive and negative numbers, angles, X,Y coordinates. Through the robot scripting languages (lua), a complete set of standard mathematical and trigonometric functions are included.

The youngest children will enjoy making the robot move around and make noise. Older kids can explore programming to make the robot do more. Older children will also appreciate the full-featured "calculator" which even understands symbolic algebra, as well as differential and integral calculus. Also included are built-in, integrated lisp, prolog, and golog interpreters.

A speech synthesis subsystem lets robot command speak - with a robotic accent!

Runs in full-screen game mode (or windowed). Joystick supported!

For Windows and Linux. Ages 5 and up, depending on use.
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  • a 3D robot simulation
  • easily moved around
  • stacks blocks
  • game included
  • lua source code for game included
  • interactive demo loop (kiosk)
(longer list of robot command features)


  • make the robot move around and stack blocks
  • for exploring robotics
  • for learning programming (lua, lisp, prolog)
  • for teaching mathematical concepts
  • for learning math (solving equations, algebra, calculus)
  • for math, science, computer, robotics camp
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